Types of Concrete

Types of Concrete

Concrete is a manmade material that has been the most commonly used for building constructions, road construction, bridges, dams, etc. The uses of these are many, and they have a variety of concrete.

Ordinary concrete

This type of concrete is the most commonly used concrete for constructing pavements and buildings where they don’t need high tensile strength. It is a mixture of cement sand mixed with water and aggregates, typically in a 1:2:4 ratio.

Ordinary concrete

Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete is also known as cellular concrete, a very “flowable” material and can be poured easily by using its self-leveling and gravity. It is used for constructing floor slabs, roofs, and window panels.

High-density concrete

This concrete has a higher density than other types is heavyweight concrete which is manufactured by using crushing rocks as coarse aggregate. It provides an excellent layer and protects from x-ray and certain radiations. It is mainly used in nuclear power plants and other buildings.

Reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete is a material that is widely used in modern construction. To increase the overall strength, the concrete before it sets will be embedded with steel rods, wires, cables, and mesh. Rebar is the other name for reinforcement that will resist tensile forces, whereas concrete resists compressive forces.

Precast concrete

In a controlled factory environment, this concrete is prepared using reusable molds. It can also be joined with other elements to form a complete structure. Precast concrete elements can combine with other ingredients to create an entire structure. They were used to construct beams, wall panels, columns, staircases, tunnels, pipes, and so on. We learned some different tricks from out friends with the San Jose Concrete Contractor Pros 408-539-9791 2118 Canoas Garden Ave #24 San Jose CA 95125, if your need foundation contractors, stamped concrete or just San Jose Concrete, well then give them a call!

Glass-reinforced concrete

Glass-reinforced concrete is a construction metal used to form cladding panels exterior.

It is of a high-strength, and alkali-resistant glass fires are in this concrete matrix. Both Fibre and matrix can get back to their physical and chemical identities while combining to create high-performance.

Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting concrete

It is a non-segregating concrete that will flow on its weight, spread and it can fill formwork. Encapsulated reinforcements do not need mechanical consolidation. Because of its exceptional flowing properties, it is used in the construction of complex concrete frames.

Smart concrete

Innovative concrete technology is an alternative method of looking after the health of reinforced concrete structures. This can be used for monitoring stress or strain in concrete structures and helps in the identification of some potential issues before the concrete falls.